F Yeah Yoshizaki Mine

Fan tumblr dedicated to Mine Yoshizaki, the author of Keroro gunso

Anonymous asked: The recent picture of Angol Mois, which volume of the manga is it from?

It’s the newest chapter, I think it’s gonna be in the volume 26 (who will normally be coming out this next year)

You can read this chapter in english or japanese with the source of the pic, the site Comic Walker.

(Sorry if my english is bad, I can’t speak it very well)

Anonymous asked: Why did you post a picture of Madoka from PMMM and tag it a bunch of things about Keroro Gunso?

Because it’s not Madoka but a character from the chapter 191 and episode 21 (anime flash) of Keroro ; )

Anonymous asked: Do you know if Yoshizaki has ever shown any art process stuff at all? That kind of thing interests me but I cant really find anything about it

Unfortunately I didn’t find any art process of Yoshizaki yet =/